Raku Plaque Fern


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Handmade raku wall plaque with the impression of a fern in it.  Raku is pottery which is fired at a higher temperature.  The California based husband and wife artist team take a slab of clay and carefully impress the fern into the wet clay.  Then they place the clay in their kiln at which point the leaves burn off.  Once the kiln reaches the perfect temperature they remove the clay and submerge it into something combustible such as sawdust or newspaper clippings.  Where there are splashes of color is where the clay came in direct contact with the flames making each piece extremely unique and one of a kind.  This is lightweight and can be hung just about anywhere for a beautiful, artistic splash of color in any room or hallway.  Measures approximately 16.5" tall x 6.5" at the bottom and tapering up to 5.5". This unique gift is available on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY.